Police - 131 444
Emergency - 000

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Report Family Violence.

Be Someone.

It’s no good thinking “Someone should do something about family violence”. That someone is you. If you think a person could be seriously hurt by somebody in their family, the law says you have to tell the Police.

Don’t turn your back when you could be saving a life.

Three ways to

Report Family Violence.


Ring Straight Away Report When Safe Report When Safe

Ring straight away
Get someone you trust to call
Report when you feel
it's safe

Ring 000 if it's an emergency.
Otherwise call the Police on 131 444.

Ask someone like a health worker to ring the Police for you.


If reporting straight away might put you or someone else in danger, you can report the violence later by calling the Police on
131 444.

Be Someone. Report Family Violence - TVC

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(Be Someone. Report Family Violence - TVC Transcript)


Report Family Violence:

Police - 131 444
Emergency - 000

Don't Turn Your Back on Family Violence

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